ACID ATTACK “Suburbia’s Dream”

LP -$10.70
STREET DATE: 5/25/18
LABEL: Radio Raheem

Hailing from Portsmouth, UK, Acid Attack formed in late 1980, went through numerous line up changes and split up by the end of 1984, releasing just the cassette album “Sulphuric”, and contributing one track to the Sane Records 1984 compilation LP “On the Street”. In terms of era, they fit into what is now known as the UK82 punk scene but their sound is not so easy to categorize. They were neither Oi or hardcore punk; they were aiming beyond such restricting labels. They mainly gigged locally, aside from one headline slot in South Wales, but their name spread far and wide thanks to word of mouth, sales of Sulphuric (aided greatly by the practice of smearing postage stamps with soap in order to reuse them) and interviews in many of the punk fanzines of the time. Sulphuric also received a short but favorable review in the music paper Sounds, who noted that “Acid Attack are a spirited punk band with sufficient ideas and energy to lift them above the morass of thrash-and-screech merchants”.

This LP collects the “Sulfuric” cassette, Suburbia’s Dream from the “On the Street” compilation LP, and four previously unreleased songs. Also included is a 16-page full-color booklet containing original photos, artwork, flyers, and band history. Limited to 500 copies, black vinyl only.

01. (There’s Gonna Be Another) Acid Attack
02. Fuck The Bomb
03. Who Do They Think They Are?
04. Them & Us
05. One Thing Leads To Another
06. Nothing Doing
07. Collapse Of A System
08. Suburbia's Dream
09. Look Before You Leap
10. Alone Inside
11. Kill Or Be Killed (Bastards)
12. Suburbia's Dream (alternate version)
13. Animal Sound
14. Dancing In The Fallout Zone
15. Warsaw
16. Me