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Armageddon Label is an independent record label located in Providence, Rhode Island. We release music by our friends on all formats and of all genres.

Armageddon Label was established in 1998 as the home for Dropdead records to be released. In the time since the label started, we've branched out beyond just Dropdead releases to do a few projects with friends. We release music that we love across all musical genres.

Past and present include: Dropdead, Prurient, Tragedy, Totalitär, Brainoil, Morne, Siege, Hard To Swallow, Look Back And Laugh, Seein'Red, Hammer, Avskum, Athletic Automaton, Made In Mexico, Ruin It!, The Body, Unholy Grave, Converge, Systematic Death, Ruidosa Inmundicia, Gorilla Angreb.

Armageddon Label is independently owned and operated by Ben Barnett.