We stood watching the slow death of an era occur, where emotion held more value than currency. Slower it breathes, with a slight wheeze it exhales life. But with this burden; painful persistence gave birth to a new class of determination that can only come from young angst. A precise hatred toward a world that have left them in the wake of another’s unraveled legacy.

Originally founded in sunny Southern California, the label earned its chops releasing what would become key players in the underground hardcore punk scene at the time. Primarily putting out material for any and all of Andrew Gomez's projects (Time For Change, Burn Your Life Down and Where My Bones Rest Easy). The label eventually found its self with a reputation that gained some sway. Continuing the spirit of independent music and community the label started working with bands which it felt carried the same sentiments and work ethic.

Now settled in Seattle, WA. GKL has been apart of the west coast scene since 2001, releasing some of the most genuine artists such as Old Wounds, Sneeze, Raindance, Time For Change and many more. This label is and always will be a catalyst to promote artist control over any sought after projects this collective conducts, regardless of genre. Bringing the true meaning of the “for the kids, by the kids” mantra to the forefront.