Founded in 2009, Mind Over Matter Records had a simple mission statement:  to create a superior physical product that encourages music fans to continue to purchase records in the growing digital age.  Taking cues from other labels such as Gravity Records, Level Plane and even Hydra Head Records, the goal was to utilize punk rock ethics without sacrificing quality.  Somewhere along the line, “DIY” became a dirty word and was synonymous with “cheap” and MOMR knew that this did not need to be the case! 

Every release has a “hands-on” approach whether it means screen printing the entire run of jackets, custom foil-printing an insert, or sometimes even cutting each piece of cardboard by hand before folding everything up to create the jacket itself.  No labor is spared in the creation of the final product, no matter how time-consuming it may be.

From post rock to post punk, from alt rock to synth wave, the goal remains the same to this day; we create the type of music that you can’t just download.