Mortality Rate “You Were The Gasoline”

7”EP - $6.00
STREET DATE: 10/4/19
CAT #: ISO019
LABEL: Isolation

MORTALITY RATE from Calgary, AB, Canada, unleash their new EP 'You Were The Gasoline' - with a sound as punishingly intense and hostile as this, you can't help but stop and take notice. Bringing to mind the harsh and aggressive sound of bands like Heartless and Trap Them, these 6 emotionally charged songs are bursting with belligerence. The EP is fused together with intense lyrical content stemming from inner sadness and anger but also striking out with discontent at the surrounding world. This ardent approach delves to an even deeper level with this newest EP being released as a tribute to the band's close friend Evan Cole Shaw, who had a prominent and lasting impact on their scene. Building on previous releases including a self released vinyl EP in 2016 and a split with Judiciary in 2017, this formidable four-piece are proving their high level of potency and passion with each subsequent release.

Despite their challenging geographic location, MORTALITY RATE have clocked up multiple tours across Canada and the USA with bands like Every Time I Die, Knocked Loose, Power Trip and Jesus Piece to name but a few. They have also formed a close tie to Year Of The Knife, with Madi Watkins contributing piano and guest vocals to the opening track 'Lena' and creating the artwork for the release. MORTALITY RATE will also be bringing their brand of sonic substance across the Atlantic with a EU/UK tour booked for September 2019 with Angst and Serration.


  1. Lena
  2. Roses
  3. Selfish Thieves
  4. Heathen
  5. You Were The Gasoline
  6. Lonely Soul

FOR FANS OF: Kitty, Judiciary, Trap Them, Candy, Hatebreed


  • two week EU/UK tour coming up in September
  • intro and guest vocals in Selfish Thieves written and performed by Madi Watkins (Year Of The Knife)
  • split 7" with Judiciary released in 2017
  • artwork by Madi Watkins (Year Of The Knife, Candy Corpse)
  • as seen on stage with Every Time I Die, Comeback Kid, Jesus Piece, Knocked Loose and Integrity

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