We've got some represses...

Some great represses are available now!  First, Code Orange Kids’ debut LP “Love Is Love // Return To Dust” is available again on transparent orange vinyl. After selling through 5000 copies on vinyl, this record has no signs of slowing down. Stock up now as Code Orange Kids prepares to release their next LP in 2014.

Next, we have End Of A Year’s Deathwish debut, “You Are Beneath Me”. The follow up to “Sincerely” on Revelation Records, was the last LP before the band went onto to be known as Self Defense Family. This was out of press for a bit but now available again on bone vinyl.

Lastly, we have the Axis / Self Defense Family split on Harm Reduction. We flew through the first press of this so a repress was put in and is now available on opaque pink vinyl.  This is the debut release on Harm Reduction which is owned and operated by Jami Morgan (Code Orange Kids, Adventures) and Patrick Kindlon (Self Defense Family, Drug Church).