Founded in 2016 by two longtime friends with a shared love for hardcore, Safe Inside Records was born. Burt Jenkins (Built to Last) and Aaron Cooley (Built to Last, Over My Dead Body) had a desire to stay connected and wanted give back to the scene by releasing nineteen nineties hardcore staples, as well as work with new and developing hardcore bands. They accomplished this with their first two releases: nineties Buffalo, NY hardcore stalwarts, Despair-“Four Years of Decay” discography and Tijuana, MX’s Bonebreaker-“Mass Grave”. These two releases helped set the stage for the label’s mission and put them the radar of a fan base who has continued to support what they have continued to release, as they have continued to release quality records from young bands that they have worked with like Clear Focus, Dying For It, and Pain Strikes, as well as old favorites such as Slugfest, and scene veterans Bystander. Safe Inside Records plans to continue to release records from emerging bands, old favorites, and become a positive force in hardcore as we know it today.